Eastview A.M. Student Drop-Off

At Eastview Learning is Job #1.

To support learning,  the safety and security of our students is critical. To that end, when we are aware of an opportunity, we sieze the moment.

Dropping-off your student at the North Entrance in the morning can be stressful, especially if you drop-off in the 7 minute time span just before school, as 2100 additional students are also attempting to get situated. Exiting the North Lot during school hours you are limited to a right turn only.

Dropping-off your student at the West Entrance provides a no waiting opportunity and allows both a right and left turn as you exit our campus at the 140th and Flagstaff light.

This  very simple 60 second update and process adjustment could reduce your morning anxiety, enhance students safety and get you to work on time by choosing one of two drop off points (North or West).

Thank you for your attention to these options to support student safety and learning!

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