EASTVIEW 2nd Life Letter Jackets

At Eastview, deep engagement and involvement in learning, the arts, activities and athletics is a proud tradition.

 To support the pride of involvement, we have begun a new program to allow ALL students to proudly display their success and engagement.  Eastview Alumni and Families, your support is appreciated and needed.


We are seeking previously used Eastview letter jackets that are no longer worn to support 2ndLifeLetterJacketsour 2nd Life Letter Jacket program.  This program was developed to provide identified students a more cost effective opportunity to have a letter jacket.   If you donate your letter jacket we will give you new EV letter as a keepsake since the original one you earned is sewn on the jacket you are donating.  2nd Life Letter Jackets will follow the below process once a jacket is received:

  1. Remove and inventory patches (for other students to use).
  2. Remove the embroidered name on the front of the jacket (if applicable).
  3. Dry clean.
  4. Redistribute to identified students.

Please consider donating your old Eastview letter jacket.  Your donation can help promote the EASTVIEW PRIDE that we are all so proud of.  Jackets can be dropped off in the EVHS Main Office.

For more information contact Dr. Robert Franchino at 952-431-8907 or rob.franchino@district196.org

Go Lightning!

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