Eastview Homecoming 2013: A Community of Kindness

Homecoming is an annual tradition around the country and one we fully embrace at Eastview High School.  It is a week filled with activities, excitement, spirit and pride. Click HERE to view the events of the week and dance details.

HC2010RoyaltyIt is with great Homecoming pride that we introduce a new tradition here at Eastview this fall.  On Monday, we will introduce an expanded Homecoming Royalty Court with representatives from each grade.  These fifty six students were chosen by their peers in an online nomination process.  These student-selected representatives completed a profile which included questions about their involvement at EVHS and the community, how they model our puzzle piece values in their own lives and how they see themselves as EV scholars.  Based on their responses, twenty-two students (out of the original fifty-six) were elevated to serve on the official 2013 Homecoming Royalty Court.

Throughout the week, our Homecoming Royalty Court will lead our student body and greater Eastview Community in our first-annual Eastview Kindness Campaign.  

Students will be encouraged to perform Random Acts of Kindness throughout their daily lives, sharing pictures and descriptions of their positivity on Twitter and the Kindness Board in the EHVS Commons.  The point is not to seek credit for these acts, but to KindnessCup13inspire others to join in the revolution.  They will categorize their acts using hashtags (#EVHS9, #EVHS10, #EVHS11, #EVHS12, #EVHSAlumni, #EVHSFaculty, #EVHSCommunity) in a friendly competition between grades.  The class achieving the highest Kindness rating (based on volume of acts completed) will be the recipient of the Eastview Kindness Cup (a three-foot high trophy that will be awarded at the Homecoming Pepfest on Thursday, October 10th).  The Kindness Cup will be a travelling trophy that will be awarded each year during Homecoming week.

In addition, we are seeking sponsors wishing to support Eastview’s Kindness Campaign.  Our goal is to raise $2000 for the Eastview Community Foundation, a foundation started in 2000 to support Academics, Arts and Athletics at the ten schools in the Eastview community.

Through scholarships to graduating seniors, grants that support teaching and learning, and Random Acts of Kindness grants that allow schools to


offer support to students/families in need, the EVCF has a significant impact on our school community.  We want to pay it forward to ensure their work continues to have an impact for years to come.  We are asking local businesses to participate in our Kindness Campaign by donating $1 per Random Act (up to a designated amount, determined by the organization), or by simply making a set donation.  If you know of any businesses that may like to participate, please let me know and I will share this info with them.

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