Staying on Top of Learning at Eastview by Avoiding Colds & the Flu: Your Donation of Tissues or Wipes is Appreciated

JanFeb Cold&FluHAPPY, HEALTHY AND IN SCHOOL… Cold and flu season is here. Seasonal flu activity usually peaks in January or February. At Eastview we kick-up our prevention by additional cleaning of keyboards,  desks and door handles, encouraging frequent hand washing and reminding students of proper “coughing and sneezing capture techniques.” Yes, as silly and time consuming as that sounds, the below research and recommendations by the Center of Disease Control demonstrates that these simple tasks make a differeCold&FluSeasonnce.

At Eastview we would be very excited to accept a donation of Tissues or Wipes. STUDENTS CAN BRING TISSUES AND/OR WIPES TO THEIR 1ST PERIOD TEACHERS. We are making a special effort to kick-off Quarter 3 (Monday, Feb. 1), with additional tissue and wipe supplies to support the health of all of our students!

THE SITUATION: The annual flu season hit about a month early this year, and illness is now widespread in 47 states. Many cases are caused by a flu strain that tends to make people sicker. But so far experts say it’s too early to know whether this will end up being a bad season. Maybe not: There are signs the flu may have already peaked in a few states, though it’s too early to tell for sure, health officials say.

Cough&CoverTHE DEFENSE: Besides getting a flu shot, wash hands with soap and warm water, and avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. Keep away from sick people.

THE TREATMENT: Most people will get a mild case and can help themselves and protect others by staying home and resting. But people with severe symptoms should see a doctor. They may be given antiviral drugs or other medications to ease symptoms.

COLD OR FLU?: Influenza is not the only bug making people sick. The cold virus and a nasty stomach virus areStudentHealth also going around. It can sometimes be hard to tell the difference, but cold symptoms include stuffy or runny nose, sore throat and sneezing. Flu usually involves fever, along with chills, headache and moderate-to-severe body aches and tiredness. Symptoms can come on rapidly, within three to six hours

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