Our History


Our Responsibility and Expectation

Our founding principal Dr. J. Richard Dewey (EVHS principal 1995-2007), was a powerful rolemodel and established a strong culture of engaged leadership. Woven into the fabric of the continuous improvement process was and is, the ever-present component of “developing and supporting a broad base of organizational (family) leadership.”

Our Guiding Principles... The Puzzle Pieces

Eastview is an achievement charged culture which prescribes to the 51% responsibility rule, while supporting a “conflict competent organization.” The always present “It Starts With Me”placard at 100% of the building classrooms and office entrances, is the visible reminder to each student, educator, parent or community member of their personal responsiblity and accountability for learning

Our MIssion ~ Our Call to Action

leadership at Eastview. LEARNING at Eastview is bigger than any one individual. OUR collective responsiblity for learning leadership provides the momentum, “on our journey to extraordinary.”

The Eastview Puzzle Pieces, are the guiding principles which drive our decision and actions and provide the bedrock for our learning community.
Our Mission and Call to Action is graphically represented by the “Eastview Rings”. The rings provide our focus on

our mission to Educational Equity, “ALL Students Reaching Their FULL Potential.”

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