Creating a Culture of Learning & Achievement: A Video Starring YOU, ME & WE. We Are Eastview!

The central focus of Eastview High School is learning. Quality learning happens when the conditions for learning are strongly addressed; engaged students focused on achievement, prepared and connected teachers and supportive and involved parents and guardians.

Imbedded in the instructional process this week in every classroom at Eastview  were lessons that supported learning in the specific course, as well as learning the difference between simply attending school and deep successful engagement in sustained focused learning as an Eastview Scholar. Learning academic content and related skills is important, learning how to learn is important, passion and engagement in learning is important, understanding achievement and how to support each other in the learning process is important.

The following three-minute multimedia clip created by Eastview teachers provides a summary of the variables which research and our experience has found to enhance the probability of learning and success as a young adult. These critical variables are powerfully present at Eastview High School!

The Eastview Family: A caring and engaged learning community which purposefully challenges and supports Educational Equity – ALL Students reaching their FULL potential. Raising achievement and closing the gap.

~A Video Starring YOU, ME & WE. We Are Eastview!

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A CLICK Can Make a Difference!

At Eastview High School… we are fortunate and challenged.  Our teachers, parents, school and community leaders provide extraordinary options for students to learn and grow.  Sometimes a simple CLICK  (worth $10,000) can also make a difference – and you can help! See below.

  • We are fortunate that the Eastview Learning Community expects success and supports our schools.
  • In our current economy we are also challenged to consistently provide the resources to hit the targeted needs for ALL students in our never ending journey to provide educational equity.
  • Our community is fortunate that the Eastview Foundation provides  financial support for ALL of our schools in the Eastview Learning Community.
  • We are also fortunate for corporate and personal contributions to Eastview to support the learning process.

Eastview can receive up to $10,000 in Target GiftCards® for books or any supplies we need. Wouldn’t that be great? All we need to do is vote for our school each week until September 8. It’s part of Give With Target®. For every 25 votes our school receives, Target will send a $25 gift card. Find out more and vote at

Thank you for supporting growth and learning opportunities for our students. Your CLICK HERE can help Eastview Students hit a $10,000 Target!

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Target Day #7: Tuesday, April 24th

Innovation, Creativity, Design & Problem Solving, Engineering

Target Days at Eastview continues to provide multi-dimensional opportunities for Eastview students; specific small group and individual focus on essential learnings, homework / project / assignment support and completion, space to breath, to refocus, to get on track and to excel.

Enrichment Opportunities
Enrichment opportunities for current 9th and 10th graders are provided on Tuesday, April 24rd through a University of Minnesota program called Innovative Engineers. We are fortunate to welcome the engineering student group using their technical skills to impact the world. This session ties together the vast spectrum of engineering and the power preparation components of science, technology, engineering, math (STEM) as well as the life and career skills of  leadership, collaboration, creativity and innovation.

Becoming Better Engineers – impacting our world (environmental engineering: effective, efficient, productive, sustainable…). Innovative Engineers has plans to move forward in areas of renewable energy. Projects are currently under way to develop hydropower in Nicaragua, harness untapped energy in oceanic waves, create a more aerodynamically efficient blade for wind turbines, and produce a very inexpensive, mobile, functional wind speed meter.

Applied Engineering
The group of students will present their ongoing collaboration with a village in Nicaragua to provide access to electricity.  The village is a close-knit community in the northwestern part of Nicaragua, one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere.  La Hermita is a village where about 120 residents  (25 families) cultivate crops where meager electrical devices are powered by old car batteries. Village residents traveled regularly to the nearest town by horseback to have their batteries recharged which would take an entire day.  Innovative Engineers designed and constructed the wind turbine which now sits on top of a beautiful mountain. It generates one kilowatt of electricity—enough to recharge batteries so they will last about three weeks.

Engineering and Leadership
Innovative Engineers is a unique group of students because they understand the need for STEM (science, technology, engineering and  math) to solve energy needs and they understand the importance of the relationships needed to reconcile the differences in the cultures working together.

You can learn more about the group and their Nicuargua wind turbine project by reading the attached article from the Winter 2012 issue of Inventing Tomorrow ( ).

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Eastview A.M. Student Drop-Off

At Eastview Learning is Job #1.

To support learning,  the safety and security of our students is critical. To that end, when we are aware of an opportunity, we sieze the moment.

Dropping-off your student at the North Entrance in the morning can be stressful, especially if you drop-off in the 7 minute time span just before school, as 2100 additional students are also attempting to get situated. Exiting the North Lot during school hours you are limited to a right turn only.

Dropping-off your student at the West Entrance provides a no waiting opportunity and allows both a right and left turn as you exit our campus at the 140th and Flagstaff light.

This  very simple 60 second update and process adjustment could reduce your morning anxiety, enhance students safety and get you to work on time by choosing one of two drop off points (North or West).

Thank you for your attention to these options to support student safety and learning!

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Minnesota Supreme Court Spring Session Held at Eastview on 4/11/12

Anything interesting happen at school today?

No… just a normal day at Eastview; breakfast with Chief Justice Lorie Skjerven Gildea, debated with the Supreme Court during the Q & A session of the Spring Oral Arguments and hungout at lunch with Justice and NFL Hall of Famer Alan Page.

Minnesota Supreme Court 2012 Spring Oral Argument On the Campus of
Eastview High School on Wednesday, April 11th.

Through the Minnesota Supreme Court Traveling Oral Argument Program, Eastview has been fortunate to have the opportunity to deeply engage with the judicial process and meet and get to know each supreme court justice.

Approximately 600 students, teachers as well as District 196 and community leaders, will have the opportunity to experience not only the formal Supreme Court Oral Arguments, but also personally engage with each of the Justices through an A.M. meet and greet session,  lunch with the court and also through afternoon classroom visits.  The Eastview journalism and broadcast video programs will also facilitate a late morning press conference that will be broadcast through the television studio at Eastview.

For the past week, our Eastview Scholars have been briefed, applied their governmental knowledge developed through the American Government and U.S. History courses and are now prepared to observe and engage at a scholarly level in the supreme judicial system.

Who knows where the positive influences of those we cross paths, will take us…
More resources… Click Here

Minnesota Supreme Oral Argument

On the Campus of Eastview High School:
Minnesota Supreme Court 2012 Spring Oral Argument Summary Itinerary

7:45 am – 8:15 am Supreme Court Justice Meet and Greet – EVHS Media Center (light continental)

  • · Faculty & Staff, School Board & Cabinet Representatives
  • · EVHS Parent Site Council Representatives
  • · City of Apple Valley City Council Representatives
  • · News Media
  • · Student Leadership Representatives

8:30 am Supreme Court Session Introduction: Dr. Randall Peterson – Principal

  • · 500 Students 9-12. Formally invited and trained as courtroom observers – MN Bar Association
  • · 100 RSVP Seats for above dignitaries
  • · 25 News Media Outlet Seating

8:45 am – 9:45 am Supreme Court Oral Arguments (Eastview Auditorium Secured)

9:55 am – 11:00 am Supreme Court – Court Observer Engagement | Student Media Availability

11:15am – 12:30am Supreme Court – Student Luncheon: Closed Session – Media Center

12:40 pm – 1:30pm Supreme Court Justices Formal Planned Classroom Visit 1

1:35 pm – 2:15 pm Supreme Court Justices Formal Planned Classroom Visit 2

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“What do students want from their teachers and their parents?”

As parents and educators, we have a profoundly positive influence when we relentlessly support and challenge our children. Though parenting and educating is complex – at the foundation is simplicity and innocence.

At Eastview, learning is our focus. We enhance the probability of learning and our children thrive when we personalize and sincerely and consistently demonstrate our care and concern for their personal learning success.

At Eastview, Learning and Students Matter…

A simple question asked by a twenty year veteran teacher, author, parent and qualitative researcher – Angela Maiers, led to the below top 12 responses.

Here is a list of the 12 Most Important things that came out of these amazing conversations:

1.       Greet me:  Wish me good morning.

2.       Smile: Let me see happiness in your eyes.

3.       Give me your attention: Sit and talk with me; even if only for a second.

4.       Imagine with me:  Help me dream; don’t just tell me what I need to do.

5.       Give me challenging content, assignments and tasks:  Show me how to handle it. Teach me what to do.

6.       Ask about me: Inquire about my life, the game I played, the places I go.

7.       Let me have time: Time to let things sink in, time to think, time to reflect & process.

8.       Demand of me: Hold me accountable. Don’t let me get away with what you know I am capable of doing better.

9.        Notice me: Leave special messages . A quick note that says you notice something right.

10.   Let me ask the questions: Even if they are off topic; it will show that I am thinking about new perspectives, curious, and  willing to learn more. Let me have the chance to show what I am wondering about, not just what I know.

11.   Engage me: I came to you in love with learning, keep me excited, keep me wanting more.

12.   Trust me: Believe that I can do it. Allow me the chance. I promise to show you I can.

“Believe that I can achieve at high levels — unconditionally.”

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EASTVIEW STEM: Applied Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

Reading, Writing and Arithmetic … always has been and always will be at the foundation of learning. In the 21st Century we must also be S.T.E.M. Scholars. If we are not, our probability of success in our daily lives and the job market will also present diminishing returns at an exponential level.

Select this link for Eastview STEM Scholar Certificate Programming and Scholarship Options : STEM Honors College Prep, STEM 4 Year College Prep, STEM Pathways to Engineering & Medical Careers. Our multi-dimensional STEM program includes a powerful comprehensive academic core, with a four-year engineering sequence which culminates with the College Prep Engineering experience.

 Eastview Top Scholars
At Eastview, many of our top STEM Scholars are also our finest musicians, writers, actors and artists. The deep comprehensive engagement in the humanities, the arts as well as STEM, develops a student who is well prepared for the 21st Century. In addition, the importance of the 21st Century skills which are prominent in our creative right brained thinkers, is well established in academic and workforce readiness research. Daniel Pink’s 2006 book, “A Whole New Mind”, and his 2011 book, “Drive”, communicates the power of collaboration, innovation, problem-solving, creativity,  leadership, teamwork and critical thinking; these ancillary academic skills though prominent work place skills, are developed significantly through the academic process at Eastview High School.

Academic return on educational investment
*   63% of those with only an associate’s degrees in STEM earn more that those with a bachelor’s degree in non-STEM occupations.
*   47% of those with bachelor’s degrees in STEM occupations earn more than Ph.D.s in non-STEM occupations.
     ~Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, 2011

As educators and parents we cannot accept the common adage, “I’m just not a math… an analytical… or a science person.”  No, there is not an expectation that ALL students will be engineers, chemists, physicists or physicians, though to thrive and succeed as an individual and as a society, analytical adept citizens are essential for our personal productivity and the success of our nation.

Employment in science, technology, math, and engineering will increase about 70% faster than the rate for all occupations. At a time when unemployment hovers near 9% in the United States, one million new jobs will open in science, technology, engineering, math, medical and allied health. Only 200,000 new graduates will have the skills to fill them~U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2010

IN THE OUR CURRENT ECONOMY AND WORLD OF WORK… What we should be concerned about, in the words of Anthony Carnevale, director of the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, is the “misalignment between our education system and the labor market.” The latter, he notes, “is demanding much more specific preparation” than students get.

One word: Engineering. While petroleum engineers can start above $90,000, in other fields beginning pay is in the $50,000-$70,000 range.

“The plain truth is that ALL of our children have the aptitude, to pursue an engineering or related degree’s in study math and science. End of discussion.  Those majors can yield starting salaries of $50,000 and above. Accountants, actuaries, software developers, pharmacists, and nurses are also in high demand and highly compensated.”

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Learning to Learn

Target Day #5 – Wednesday February 22nd

Through Eastview’s Target Days, all of our scholars are not simply learning content, they are Learning to Learn and Learning How They Learn Best.

No longer is K-12 (kindergarten – 12th grade) learning the primary focus of education. In our information and knowledge based society and economy we now see K-80 – lifelong learning as the prominent scenario. Target Days at Eastview provides a differentiated process to support students in Learning to Learn and Learning How They Learn Best. See more information regarding Target Days to the right under Recent Entries.

All students 9-12 continue to be targeted in a focused, general or enrichment manner. 

9th & 10th Grade. The February 22nd Target Day for our 9th and 10th grade scholars will provide an enrichment opportunity in the sustained reading process; as well as our lecture series speaker, Mr. Tommy Watson  (author of the book, “Face Of Courage” ) will engage our students in understanding the challenge of  adversity,  resiliency, and developing a  growth mind-set as a habit of the minds, while creating a chain reaction of kindness and compassion.

Students in 9-12 who need focused or general academic support also have the opportunity to work one-on-one with a teacher or in small facilitated academic support groups. Although some students prefer independent enrichment, structured enrichment and Supported Learning Groups are available for ALL students in grades 11-12 across the curriculum.

11th & 12th Grade. On Target Days, upper classmen who are not targeted for focused or general instruction have an independent learning option (at school or off-site). Supported Learning Groups (SLG) continue to develop to encourage students collaboratively engage to support new methods of learning and studying, enabling them to develop their own academic strategies that will assist them throughout their remaining time at Eastview as well as through their more independent learning years of undergraduate or post high school education and training. SLGs provide students with a collaborative opportunity to immerse themselves in course content through clarifying and understanding concepts, familiarizing themselves with vocabulary, and preparing for assignments and exams. The reward of working cooperatively with peers and of maintaining a constant learning focus makes students feel more confident and comfortable with their studies as well as personally learning to learn.

3rd Quarter Target Days: #5 February 22nd & #6 March 20th. Click HERE for more information regarding the Target Day #5 

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The Intellectual Power of Sustained Reading Facilitated Through Eastview Target Days.

QUESTION: What does the Harvard School of Business, the Coalition for Essential Schools Research, Presidents Johnson, Reagan, Clinton and Dr. Seuss have in common with Eastview’s TARGET DAYS?

ANSWER: Overwhelming support for the power of sustained student reading, intellectual development and the personal and professional success experienced by engaged readers.

HARVARD SCHOOL OF BUSINESS: Over the past decade, academic researchers have gathered data indicating that fiction-reading activates neuronal pathways in the brain that measurably help the reader better understand real human emotion — improving his or her overall social skillfulness. The more we read the more we improve our intellectual abilities, social skills (emotional intelligence) and our abilities to understand the world around us. Harvard researchers have also found a correlation between emotional intelligence and salary. The imperative to try to understand others’ points of view — to be empathetic — is essential in any collaborative enterprise and professional success.

EASTVIEW TARGET DAYS: The Power of Sustained Silent Reading (SSR), Drop Everything and Read (DEAR), Independent Reading Time (IRT)…

No matter what the acronym, the consistent opportunity to deeply engage in sustained reading is facilitated and supported through Eastview’s Target Days 9th & 10th Grade Enrichment sessions.

Simply stated… sustained reading research demonstrates that students who read more for fun:

    • score higher on standardized tests,
    • have the highest writing scores,
    • have enhanced comprehension, vocabulary and reading speed,
    • have higher overall GPA’s

Eastview’s next Target Day during Q2 is on January 18th.
Click here for more info…

WHAT WE KNOW FOR SURE: Reading is a skill—and the more you use it, the better you get at it. Conversely, the less you use it, the more difficult it is.”

Sustained Reading Words of Wisdom throughout History.
Click here for more research… 

  • Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. Sir Richard Steele
  • Literacy is not a luxury; it is a right and a responsibility. If our world is to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century we must harness the energy and creativity of all our citizens. President Clinton
  • Today a reader, tomorrow a leader. Margaret Fuller
  • A book is the most effective weapon against intolerance and ignorance. ~ Lyndon Baines Johnson

The more you read the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go. ~ Dr. Seuss

WHAT’S NEXT: Q3 Target Days will be on Wednesday February 22nd & Tuesday March 20th.

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Target Day #3: “Diagnosis of Learning”

“The diagnosis of mastery learning, supporting a learning variable or focused intervention to eliminate gaps in learning is the intention of our Target Day Schedule Adjustment”

DURING QUARTER 2, Eastview will incorporate three “Target Days” (11/29, 12/20, 1/18). TARGET DAY #3 on Tuesday 12/20 Student Information: CLICK HERE.

On Eastview’s Target Days, all students are targeted (diagnosed). The diagnosis provides three prescriptions to enhance the probability of learning:

  1. An ENRICHMENT opportunity supervised by classroom teachers, counselors, parent or student volunteers (grades 9 and 10) to develop a deeper or broader learning for students who have demonstrated mastery or appropriate course progression. The Target Day enrichment for 12/20/11 will build on college preparation opportunities. The focus of the 9th & 10th grade students learning will result in the following:
    • I CAN identify the difference between a 4 year, 2 year, public, private, liberal arts, technical and career colleges and universities
    • I CAN identify the type of post-high school education that currently may be a priority for me.
    • I CAN identify a high school planning item that will support my college or post-high school direction.
    • I CAN identify a college transition challenge that I can prepare for during high school.

Options for 11 or 12th grade students targeted for Independent Enrichment are directed by their teachers or encouraged to do one or more of the following:

    • Create or work with their established academic study group.
    • Work on specific homework or teacher directed projects.
    • Complete supplemental work to more effectively focus or support learning.
    • Focus on your post high school planning using Naviance Family Connection.
  1. A GENERAL INTERVENTION with other classroom teachers, para-professionals or student volunteers (grades 9-12) will support your child’s general learning or course progression needs.
  2. A FOCUSED INTERVENTION with your child’s individual classroom teacher (grades 9-12) will support a specific teacher identified student learning need.

All students received  the following information to support their TARGET DAY #3 success. CLICK HERE

Schedule for the day 12/20/11

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TARGET DAY’S: Linking Stages of Learning to Effective Instruction

DURING QUARTER 2, Eastview will  incorporate three “Target Days” (11/29, 12/20, 1/18).

Our first “Target Day” on October 18th brought extraordinary success.  As powerful as focused periods of individualized intervention and enrichment are, the impact of adjustments to the learning cyles have demonstrated even more learning productivity.

DURING QUARTER 2, Eastview will  incorporate three “Target Days” (11/29, 12/20, 1/18) to support what educational research demonstrates as a ‘challenging adolecent phase of the school year.”  Our course grades during Q2 are fairly inconsistent, with a 15 year trend of a slight decrease during Q2. Target Days are designed to target learning behaviors and provide three points of support and enrichment during this phase of academic need. Target Day student schedules are posted on the Parent Portal; hard copies have been provided to students in a 7th hour homeroom on Monday 11/28. Click here for more information…

Schedule for the day 11/29/11

At Eastview, LEARNING is our focus and our daily decision revolve around this dominant concept.  Students and teachers are met with a familiar daily reminder each time they enter or exit all 100+ classrooms and offices. “Learning Matters ~ It Starts with Me.”

Responding to Student Learning Needs in Predictable Phases

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Target Days: Our Kick-off


“A Target Day is simply a regular school day; the daily schedule is modified so that we can provide both meaningful focused enrichment and targeted intervention and support for ALL of our 2100 students.”

In a continued effort to focus learning and to support our student’s specific and individual learning needs, Eastview will provide additional targeted opportunities during our school day. On eight Target Days during this school year, we will slightly adjust our regular class schedule to offer focused engagement with students on teacher determined individual learning needs.

Eastview’s Target Days provide our students with intervention and/or enrichments as determined through analysis of learning data by each of their classroom teachers and then prioritized with a focus on the four core curricular areas (English, Math, Science, Social Studies). Additional potential enrichment opportunities throughout the curriculum may also be available.

All students will have two (2), one period intervention or enrichment sessions eight times during the 2011-2012 school year.  Teachers will make individual data informed recommendations for Interventions (focused or general) or Enrichments based on your child’s current grades and/or progress toward mastery of classroom learnings.

  • A FOCUSED INTERVENTION with your child’s individual classroom teacher (grades 9-12) will support a specific teacher identified student learning need.
  • A GENERAL INTERVENTION with other classroom teachers, paraprofessionals or student volunteers (grades 9-12) will support your child’s general learning or course progression needs.
  • An ENRICHMENT opportunity supervised by classroom teachers, counselors, parent or student volunteers (grades 9 and 10) to develop a deeper or broader learning for students who have demonstrated mastery or appropriate course progression.

Student attendance is expected as normal and will be taken for both Target Day sessions. All students will be provided a specific Target Day schedule. Target Day student schedules will be posted on the Campus Parent/Student Portal in the following categories:

  •  All 9th and 10th graders:  will be assigned a specific intervention or enrichment opportunity during both morning sessions.
  • All 11th and 12th graders who ARE assigned a Focused or General Intervention: are required to attend school on Targeted Days during the session/s they are scheduled.
  • All 11th and 12th graders who are assigned Enrichment (because their appropriate course progression and/or mastery of learning): will be involved in a direct or indirect enrichment that supplements the learning process (e.g. teacher recommended self-directed study, academic study groups, silent sustained reading…).  Enrichment activities meet off-campus and on-campus and students do not need to arrive at EVHS until 9:30am, which will begin the regular school day (additional information will be provided).

Click HERE for Target Days Dates/Schedule/ and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

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We Are… Eastview

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The Class of 2011’s Leadership Legacy: A Video


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