An Eastview Scholar is…

ALL Eastview Students are Scholars

At Eastview,  ALL students are scholars…

A SCHOLAR is a student who learns or takes up knowledge or beliefs; a person who is engaged in the pursuit of learning; a person of literary or scientific attainments; an educated person; a lifelong learner; a person whose purpose is to contribute to the betterment of society

A SCHOLAR exhibits an attitude of:
• Trust, honesty and integrity
• Respect and civility toward others
• Self-discipline
• “Can do” mindset
• Pride in strong work ethic
• Ownership of learning

A SCHOLAR shows that he or she is serious about learning by:
• Making a positive first impression
• Participating and engaging
• Being prepared to learn
• Being responsible
• Being curious
• Working to the highest standard
• Being a positive leader

A SCHOLAR works toward:
• Achieving high expectations
• Maximizing learning time
• Working for the common good
• Focusing on academics
• Being a lifelong learner

Leadership Provided by Dr. Todd Beach

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